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Tahlia's Tremor Fund

$178 000


$95 044


$82 956


Relief Project
GDG Number
Project status
Donations are disabled.
Funding period
2015-05-03 - 2016-12-31

My first day in Nepal and I knew that I'd love living here.

From the craziness of getting a visa to lost luggage to the bustling streets and constant beeping to my instant love of the people. It was guaranteed to capture my heart!

So, as you can imagine experiencing the earthquake first hand and then seeing the destruction absolutely broke my heart. But it was looking into eyes of the people I had so quickly fallen in love with that completely broke and shattered me. Their eyes; so full of sorrow, uncertainty and fear.

Please come along side this beautiful nation. Help me to bring a little hope into their current world and show them that there is still a bright and exciting future ahead of them. 

Project Items

Item Unit Price Quantity Total
Shelter $60.00 1200 $72 000.00
Food $20.00 1000 $20 000.00
Household Filter $40.00 1400 $56 000.00
Quality Blankets $30.00 1000 $30 000.00
Total $178 000.00

Project Owner

Tahlia van de Beld