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Breaking the poverty cycle, on pastry at a time.
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$2 380


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2018-03-22 - 2018-09-22

at Impressions Pastries our goal is to make a dent in world poverty. There is simply no better place to start this initiative than in the Congo...but we need your help! When you buy a pastry from Impressions $1 of the proceed's go to this Incredible  cause! 

Here are 2 amazing ways that we plan to dent the poverty cycle:

1. We fund small business start up's to jumpstart economy  and to educate budding entrepenures in inpoverished regions to generate income not only for the individual's but also for the whole village. 

2. We fund children within those communities to be able to get an education,  this includes schooling fees, books, bags, stationary and the like. 

Enabeling  individual's to create a community based economy through business causes impoverished villages to break the poverty cycle they have been forced to live in. Second, In giving the children education in the region it creates  opportunities  to rise above and become something more than what they are born into. This leaves a lasting impression that will rid  not only the problems of poverty in the region, but also on the future generations of the children being educated....and all with the purchase of one of our amazing pastries!!  

Project Items

Item Unit Price Quantity Total
Children’s Education Fund $110.00 8 $880.00
Micro Enterprise - Small Business Loan $500.00 3 $1 500.00
Total $2 380.00

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